Salmonid fisheries management

The Directorate of Fisheries' main role in salmonid management is to contribute towards sustainable utilisation and protection of habitats of salmonides in rivers and lakes. The main tasks involve registration of rivers, lakes, holders of fishing rights in rivers and lakes, holders of trout fishing rights at sea and formulation of regulation there of.

Part of the Directorate's administrative role in salmonid management is to  oversee and issue research fishing licenses in lakes and rivers and to collect information on fishing in lakes and rivers as well as permitting and registering information on micromarking of salmonids. Various tasks regarding exemptions from general rules on fishing of salmonids and licensing for activities within river areas such as gravel mining, river diversion and improvement and construction of fish-ways are also handled by the Directorate in cooperation wit other municipal and governmental bodies.

Head of salmonid department:

Gudni Magnús Eiríksson

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