Cooperation: Iceland, Norway, Faroes

Fiskistofustjórarnir Eyþór Björnsson og Liv HolmefjordFiskistofa, the Directorate of Fisheries, lays emphasis on cooperation with  its sister organizations in neighboring countries. 

On  23 November 2016 a cooperative agreement was signed between Fiskistofa and  Fiskeridirektoratet  in Norway.  This is a revised agreement after a decade of fruitful cooperation.  The main items in the  agreement  encompass exchange of information on catches and landings, cooperation in surveillance, as well as exchange of experiences and know-how. The agreement also outlines how the organizations will cooperate om issues concerning  fisheries management in regional  and international fora.  It is anticipated that the agreement will further strengthen the good cooperation of previous years.

A comparable agreement was reached with the Faroese sister organisation, Veiðieftirlitið Vørn, last summer.

Directors Eyþór Björnsson og Liv Holmefjord sealed the deal in Bergen on 23 November, see .

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