Faroese catches in Icelandic waters

During the first 5 months of the year Faroese long-liners caught about 2,500 tons of demersals in Icelandic waters.  This is slightly more than last year when they had caught a bit under 2,000 tons.  Their  cod cathces  are now 695 tons while they were 431 tons at the same time last year.  Faroese vessels are allowed to catch 1,200 tons of cod in Icelandic waters annually so they have caught about 58% of the total allowed catch in the first 5 months of the year.  The  Faroese  have caught 502 tons of haddicelandic_codock and 661 tons of ling.

Nine Faroese vessels landed 1,338 tons caught in Icelandic waters in April.  The vessel with the biggest catch was Klakkur with  280 tons and Eivind landed 232 tons.

For information on catches by foreign vessels in Icealndic waters by species and months, both catch reports to the  Coast Guard and landing information: click here (only in Icelandic!)

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