Landed mackerel from Greenland waters

According to a bilateral agreement between Iceland and Greenland, Icelandic ships are permitted to catch mackerel in Greenland waters on the basis of contracts with fisheries in  Greenland and under the auspices of the fisheries management system of Greenland.  These  ships are then allowed to land a certain amount of this mackerel in Icelandic harbors.  In a similar manner, vessels from Greenland are  allowed to land a certain amount of their mackerel catches from Greenland waters in Iceland.

According to Fiskistofa's databases the landings of mackerel from Greenland waters this year by Icelandic and Greenland vessels now totals about 46 thousand tons.  Vessels from Greenland have landed 33.6 thousand tons and Icelandic  vessels have landed about 12 thousand tons.

The vessel with the biggest amount of landed mackerel in Iceland  this season is Polar Amaroq GR-1849 with 5,403 tons.  Second is Ilivieq GR-201 with 5,079 tons.  The Icelandic vessel with the highest landed mackerel catch is Brimnes RE-27 (2770) with 2,996 tons.

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