Capelin quotas 2014/2015

The Ministry of Industries and Innovation has issued regulations regarding capelin fisheries in Icelandic waters this winter.

The catch quota for the Icelandic fleet has been issued at 120 thousand tons.

Norwegian vessels have been issued a quota of 40 thousand tons in the Icelandic EEZ to be caught between 1 Nov. 2014 and 15 Feb. 2015.

Greenlandic vessels have been issued a capelin quota of 39,500 tons in  Icelandic waters to be caught  between 1 Nov. 2014 and 30 Apr. 2015.

Norwegian and Greenlandic vessels must apply for and receive permits for these fisheries from Fiskistofa, the Directorate of Fisheries. One should also note that various rules apply.

The Ministry's regulations on the capelin fisheries 2014/2015 in Icelandic:

Reglugerð nr. 925/2014 (Icelandic vessels)
Reglugerð nr. 926/2014 (Norwegian vessels)
Reglugerð nr. 927/2014 (Greenlandic vessels)

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