The UN University Training Programme

Fiskistofa was visited by a group of students from the UN University Fisheries Training Programme for a short seminar on  Icelandic fisheries management and the operations of Fiskistofa. It is the Icelandic Marine Research Institute that runs this programme and receives bewteen 20 and 30 fellows annually for a 6 month of training in Iceland.

The group this year consists of an international group of 21 people from 15 countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh (3), China (2), Vietnam (2), East Timor, Ukraine, Cuba (2), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and Jamaica).  While in Iceland, they will specialize in either Quality Management, Aquaculture, or Stock Assessment.

Fiskistofa  receives  many groups every year both Icelandic and from abroad and introduces Icelandic fisheries management to them as well as the operations of Fiskistofa, the Directorate of Fisheries.  We welcome small and large groups for such visits. 

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