Faroese catches in Icelandic waters

The Faroese long-liners, Núpur and Kambur,  landed 207 tons of demersals from Icelandic waters in November.  The most common species was ling, 66 tons - cod catches were 49 tons. Núpur's catches were 68 tons and Kambur's 139 tons.

In all, the Faroese long-liners have caught about 5,100 tons in Icelandic waters this year. This is a bit less than last year's catches which amounted to about 5,400 tons. Cod catches this year were 1,300 tons at the end of November, about one hundred tons less than last year. Allowed cod catches  for the Faroese this year are 1,375 tons compared to 1,200 tons the previous year.

The boat Eivind leads in catches with 735 tons, second is Stapin with 549 tons and Klakkur with 525 tons. In all, fifteen Faroese boats have fished in Icelandic waters this year.

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