Icelandic catches 2013/2014 and first quarter 2014/2015

The fishing year in Iceland is calculated from 1 September to 31 August the following year.

The Icelandic fishing fleet caught  1,082,000 tons in  the fishing year 2013/2014 which is almost 290,000 tons less than in the previous year.  A drop in capelin catches is the main reason for this reduction in the total catches. Catches in demersals are relatively stable and  have been rising slightly in recenst years while the fluctuation in total catches stems primarily from annual  variations on  pelagic catches

Fiskistofa has published numbers for  first quarter catches of the fishing year 2014/2015.  At the end of November, the Icelandic fishing fleet had caught about 285,000 tons which is  about the same as last year.

Icelandic catches last five fishing years

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