Increased capelin quotas 2014/2015

Following research expeditions in January the Marine Research Institute of Iceland has concluded  that the biomass of the capelin stock in Icelandic waters is about 970 thousand tons. The criteria for total allowed catch is that 400 thousand tons annually should be allowed for spawning and that consequently recommended allowed catch in capelin for this fishing year is 570 thousand tons.

As a result the Icelandic fleet has been issued increased capelin quotas. The total Icelandic quota for capelin this fishing year  is  now 390 thousand tons.

On the basis of bilateral agreements Iceland  has entered into with Norway, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, the allowed capelin catches of  vessels from these countries in  Icelandic waters have been increased.

Norwegian vessels have now been issued a quota of 50,580 tons in the Icelandic EEZ to be caught between 1 Nov. 2014 and 15 Feb. 2015.

Faroese vessels have been issued a capelin quota of 30,000 tons in  Icelandic waters to be caught  between 1 Jan. 2015 and 30 Apr. 2015.

Greenlandic vessels have  been issues a capelin  quota of 53,740 tons in the Icelandic EEZ to be caught between 1 Nov. 2014 and 30 Apr. 2015.

The Ministry's regulations on the capelin fisheries 2014/2015 in Icelandic:

Reglugerð nr. 925/2014 (Icelandic vessels)

Reglugerð nr. 926/2014 (Norwegian vessels)
Reglugerð nr. 927/2014 (Greenlandic vessels)
Reglugerð nr. 10/2015 (Faroese vessels)

Ammendments to the regulations regarding Icelandic Norwegian and Faroese vessels:
Reglugerð nr. 100/2015 (Norwegian vessels)
Reglugerð nr. 101/2015 (Faroese vessels)

Reglugerð nr. 111/2015 (Icelandic vessels)

Reglugerð nr. 115/2015 (Greenlandic vessels)

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