International group visits Fiskistofa

High-level partners of the United Nations University Fisheries Training Program, policy makers within the fisheries sectors in their home countries, visited Fiskistofa for a lecture and discussion of the implementation of Iceland's fisheries management system. This was part of the group‘s 10 day study tour and workshop in Iceland. The ultimate aim of the tour and workshop is to improve understanding of how the sector can be developed to increase benefits from fisheries resources.

For 17 years the UNU-FTP has promoted the sustainable use of living aquatic resources in partner countries through individual and institutional capacity building. Research of fellows participating in the 6 month post-graduate training in Iceland and of MSc and PhD students receiving scholarships from the UNU-FTP has often led to concrete recommendations on how to improve fish handling, data collection and management, and often suggested changes in policy. This should lead to a more rapid and sustainable development of the fisheries sector and contribute to the well-being of nations.

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